Neuadd Goffa Caerwedros

Mantell Siôn Cwilt


Talking Stone sculpture



"Beth yw byw? Cael neuadd fawr
Rhwng cyfyng furiau"

- Waldo Williams

 Carreg Lafar

 Over the summer of 2013, renowned sculptor Ben Dearnley spent many months working on the Talking Stone project - a large stone sculpture which now stands proudly in front of the new hall.

The stone was kindly donated by the Croesheddig Newydd family, and was transported from North Wales by one of  Gareth Evans' capable trailers.

A few local characters pitched in to set the monument upright, and a (speeded up!) video of the process can be viewed on YouTube here.


On the front of the stone 'Caerwedros' is carved intricately in celtic script, and beneath it is the above quote by Pembrokeshire poet, Waldo Williams. A rough translation would be:

"What is life?  Finding a great hall

between confined walls"

On the back are carvings of local sights and famous characters, such as the17th century smuggler Siôn Cwilt and Saint Tysilio who gave his name to the church in nearby Nanternis.

There are also depictions of a young farmer shepherding his sheep, and the sun setting over the parish hills and shoreline.

Come visit the hall to see the sculpture and its carvings, and explore the stories of Caerwedros

Click here to see more pictures of the stone

Visit Ben Dearley's website to see more of his work.

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